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Net Energy Metering

Homeowner wants to save money in their utility bill and pursue a green lifestyle. The amount of money saved is very often determined by the size of the photovoltaic system deployed. However, the maximum return on investment and payback is determined by the tariff and the time of energy consumption. As part of the government’s green initiative, Seda implements the Net Energy Metering program end of 2016. We have priorities the FAQ to address your most frequent concerns. If you cannot find, the answers, please visit our facebook or the download center, or whatsapp us at 012-3391568.
For YOU to size your solar PV system for your house, you will need the following:
·         Know the amount of electricity you use daily from your electricity bill (have your latest electricity bill handy).
·         Know how much roof space you have available for your installation.
If your bill is less than Rm250, and you use most of your electricity in the evening and at night, it is better that you focus on being discipline and use more energy efficient products.  Renewable energy is not ready for you at the moment.
Else, your payback is anything between 6 years to 7.5 years. If Tenaga will increase the tariff like 2014 by about 17 percent average, you will expect your payback to be between 4.5 to 6 years, depending on your capital cost and your tariff. So, between the past Feed-in-Tariff, and the Net Energy Metering, NEM is a better choice as you consider that Tenaga will increase your tariff every 4 to 5 years.
Walking with YOU
We will walk you through the numbers together as follows:
         i.            Look for your usage in the TNB electricity bill, “Kegunaan” in kWh.
       ii.            Divide that number by 30 days to approximate the kWh used a day.
     iii.            Divide that number by 3.75hrs (Peak Sun Hours after system efficiency), you will come to the PV system size. Take half of this number, assuming you use half of the energy in the day.
     iv.            Estimate your roof size in Meter square.
       v.            Multiply the roof size with 160 W/m2 (power rating of solar PV panel).
     vi.            Compare iii and v, your solar PV size is determined by the demand requirement or your roof space required.
   vii.            Depends on your final system size, determine your final system price by multiplying with between Rm6 per watt to Rm5.00 per watt, subject to logistic cost and economy of scale.
Call us at 012-3391568 for an inspection and a firm quote. Other factors affect your final decision, such as shading and orientation of the roof.
Amsolar Sdn Bhd’s system package is as follows:
·         Jinko Solar Modules by world number One supplier of solar Modules comes with 10 years workmanship warranty and 25 years yield warranty (80 percent yield after 25 years). www.jinkosolar.com
·         Trannergy Inverters by China’s third largest string inverter supplier, with 10 years factory warranty. Over 1MW supplied to Malaysia market since 2013. www.trannergy.com
·         Amsolar Sdn Bhd provides 3 years installation warranty, with wifi monitoring available on mobile devices.
Our system is very aggressively priced because we leverage on our existing business, particularly the LSS 29MWac program. We are also given a USD200,000 60days credit line from Sinosure. (From Wikipedia) China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation (Chinese出口信用保公司, commonly known as Sinosure(信保) ) is a major Chinese state owned enterprise (SOE) under the administration of SASAC serving as the provider of export credit insurance, in particular coverage for the export of high-value added goods in China. Our long term working relationship with Trannergy similarly ensures competitive pricing of a very high quality product.
Net Energy Metering Policy

Net Energy Metering is a biling system that allows customers to export excess electricity generated by their PV system back to the local grid (Tenaga Nasional Berhad). The term ‘net energy metering’ introduces the feature of the meter which can measure the flow of electricity in two directions. 

What are the benefits of NEM?

1. Energy generation by NEM consumer will be consumed first which implies less energy import from the utility.
2. The more energy generated from the solar PV system is self-consumed, the more NEM consumers can save in their electricity bills.
3. Helping in the reduction of CO2 emission, reduction of carbon footprint & supporting a cleaner energy future.
4. Paid back in displaced Cost, in return the consumer’s electricity bill becomes significantly lower.

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