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Amsolar Sdn Bhd
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47100 Puchong,
Selangor, Malaysia.
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Amsolar Sdn Bhd sources from major economies including China, Japan, Korea and the United States direct from factories.
Our LSS projects allow us to achieve advantages in bulk buying and direct purchase. We have a USD200,000, 60 days credit line from Sinosure.

(From Wikipedia) China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation (Chinese出口信用保公司, commonly known as Sinosure(信保) ) is a major Chinese state owned enterprise (SOE) under the administration of SASAC serving as the provider of export credit insurance, in particular coverage for the export of high-value added goods in China.
Our long term working relationship with Trannergy similarly ensures competitive pricing of a very high quality inverter product.

We provide financial simulation for payback of between 3.5 years to 5 years for the installation of solar photovoltaic electricity generation for self-conservation. The payback calculation is dependent upon the tariff type and the consumption pattern. Please fill-up your inquiry in the contact form and attach your electricity bill, and we will get back to you on simulation and proposal. Electricity can be generated at Rm0.16/kWh without any subsidy.

Government Liason Team
Our scope includes applications to Mida, Seda, Suruhanjaya Tenaga and Tenaga Nasional Berhad. We have a strong team and have been successful in obtaining necessary approvals for our customers.

Loan Structuring (savings from Day 1)

We will help in the loan structuring process. Because of the short payback period, you can enjoy cash-flow savings from Day 1. If you take into account amortization of the capital expenses over the life of the product, you can benefit in the bottom line annually over the same period of over 25 years. We are familiar with commercial, legal and tax related issues.

Sizing & Monitoring

We professionally size the optimal size of the proposed system. The optimum size is subject to the prerogative of the owner. The owner can option to maximize internal rate of return, or to maximize total return. Monitoring is an essential part of the process of system proposal. Our monitoring system is active even after the installation of the system, to ensure that the promised power generation is delivered. Our system also monitors critical consumption parameters to help in energy conservation.


FlexiWatt is the concept that power consumption maybe flexible, to match with economic power generation. Furthermore, with the various tariff types in Malaysia, FlexiWatt further help to reduce the Maximum Demand Penalty. The monitoring system which Amled will put in place will be an active party in ensuring power consumption is ‘smart’. 

Power Monitoring & Analysis PV System Design & Implementation Financial Service Consultancy
Electricity Usage Monitoring System and Engineering Design Financial Modeling, Payback and IRR
Analytics on Power Consumption EPC, including procurement and construction Submission to Authorities; SEDA, MIDA, Energy Commission
Optimizing PV system size for self-consumption Test & Commissioning and connection to Grid Project Funding and GTFS
Key Capabilities
  • Expertise in power monitoring and analysis.
  • Expertise in PV systems design and implementation (ISPQ* certified engineer).
  • Expertise in maximizing investment returns for self-consumption.


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