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AmSolar now brings to you a full range of high quality and reliable solar PV products and accessories at competitive prices!
Check out our product range including solar kits, modules, inverters, batteries… allowing you to customize and even DIY your own system! We are available to assist you to provide product advice, consultation or help with installation. Feel free to contact us to find out more!

AmSolar Sdn. Bhd (formerly known as Amled Illumination (M) Sdn. Bhd.) has been actively involved in a wide variety of solar PV projects since 2011. We are a full-service engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) company, experienced in all stages and scales of solar PV installations. Including LSS, we have been involved in more than 150MWp of solar PV systems. With our experience in the industry, commercial and finance, product knowledge, supplier network and local expertise, AmSolar is well-equipped to provide guidance and advice to both individuals and companies who are interested to invest in solar PV systems. Please visit our corporate website to get to know us!

AmSolar is a registered service provider with SEDA, and work closely with local authorities KeTTHA, Suruhanjaya Tenaga, CIDB, TNB and MIDA to provide you with the best service for your solar investments.




Net Energy Metering

Business owners continually want to manage the return on their investment. Investing in a solar photovoltaic (PV) system is a sure bet for a constant and high yielding option. Solar PV guarantees continual energy production for more than 30 years over the life of the system. Maintenance is minimal, as it is basically a solid-state installation.
Our professional service begins with determining the project parameters. Energy monitoring and financial modelling helps the owner to decide the size of the investment.


Maintenance & Repair

AmSolar On-Call Service   – AmSolar will respond within 24 hours to your urgent call, should your system cease to function for whatever reason.
AmSolar Inspection and Tune-up – AmSolar provides a Health Check service for your PV system. We check the general performance, as well as the condition of components in your system. Our service will include general solar panel cleaning, as well as inverter servicing. This will include a 3-month warranty on our work done.
Trannergy Inverter Replacement Service – We carry stock for Trannergy Inverters for immediate replacement, for both products under warranty and any third-party urgent requirements.

AmSolar maintains and monitors all Trannergy Inverter operations in Malaysia and attends to any perceived need through phone call and site visit.



Our tier-1 panels come with a 30-year yield warranty, while Trannergy inverters come with a 10-year factory warranty. We also provide AmSolar lifetime workmanship warranty with free maintenance for one year.

Commercial Installation

We have successfully completed several NEM commercial installations providing professional solutions and including applications to authorities. Please visit our corporate website to find out more.

Stand-Alone & Hybrid System

Our stand-alone systems are found in plantations, orchards and on Sarawak longhouses.

Our hybrid systems and Energy Storage Systems (ESS) provide the juice in the event of grid failure in your house.

Customer Seminar

Our suppliers share the stage with us to educate customers on the economics of solar PV investments. Warranties, system yield, product life, government incentives and service maintenance concerns are addressed.

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